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Dennis did a great job on our business’ plumbing. He configured the system so that it saved us valuable floor space, met permitting requirements and saved us money. The communication was very good and the job was completed very quickly. He was the only subcontractor who left the space cleaner than before he worked. I recommend him to friends and businesses.Tina Clarke


Dennis did a lot of work on one of our bathrooms many years ago and all’s been running very smoothly ever since! Thanks, Dennis!Patty Sponholtz


I highly recommend D.G. Miller and & Son Plumbing. Dennis’s 35+ years of experience saved me a lot of money. In my 18-year-old house we had wet carpet in the hallway outside the bathroom that seemed to be coming from the pipes in the slab. We were scheduling a leak detector to come in and determine where in the slab the leak was. The morning before the leak detector was scheduled Dennis wanted to check “one more thing”. He found the leak. It was our dishwasher. The leaking water flowing under the kitchen counters through a hall closet into the hallway. The dishwasher was much cheaper to replace than tearing up a cement slab to repair leaking pipes. Thank you Dennis!Michael Sturman


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Miller and Son Plumbing has always done an exceptional job for us. We highly recommend him!Sheila Maxwell