The do-it-yourself movement over the last two decades have revolutionized home improvement and home maintenance opportunities for consumers. Homeowners have been presented with an unprecedented number of options and resources to achieve even the most challenging tasks. Unfortunately, the pressure to provide consumers with lower-priced solutions have encouraged manufacturers to offer lower and lower quality products. Thin plastic parts offer such price advantages but often at the cost of durability.

For applications like simple bathroom or kitchen drains, this may not be a problem as long as the homeowner is careful to follow instructions. Even then, instructions can be simplistic and understated leaving the installer stranded in the face of an unusual or more complicated situation.

One good rule of thumb is to consider the estimated length of time involved. For jobs that would likely take more than one hour to complete, a professional plumber would be the best choice. Also, if the principles that govern water pressure and drainage are completely unfamiliar to you, consulting a professional first is advised.